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5 months ago

A real estate agent, realtor or broker is someone who represents buyers or sellers of real estate property. In United States, there are two types of real estate agents: brokers and sales agents. A broker generally works under a single licensed agent to represent multiple clients, while a sales agent works on his/her own. This can be confusing for the inexperienced customer, as one type of agent represents multiple clients, while the other only represents a single client. Brokers and sales agents can be interchangeable terms, however in real estate, they are distinct. The roles and responsibilities of a broker and a sales agent are detailed below.

In order to become a real estate broker or sales agent in the United States, a person has to pass a certain number of examinations. The Real Estate Department of states requires licensing exams for new brokers and sales agents to ensure that these people have the knowledge and ability required to enter into this profession. These licensing exams, called the Real Estate Licensing Exam (RLE) test a candidate's knowledge of real estate law and develops a framework for determining if the candidate possesses the necessary 'know how's' and experience to competently perform the duties of a broker or sales agent. Candidates wishing to become brokers or sales agents must successfully pass the RLE and obtain a license from the Department of Licensing Examining Agencies (DLAA).

The licensing exam consists of five different sections that cover every major function a broker or sales agent may perform on a day to day basis. The sections include Real Estate Law, Ethics, Advertising and Brochure Techniques, Public Relations and Management, and Sales Representation. There are also a number of 'examinable' tests that can be taken to determine if the candidate has passed the initial licensing exam. These include Real Estate Agents and Brokers Comprehensive Examination, a Multistate Essay Examination, and a National Real Estate Association (NETA) Professional Responsibility Examination. If a candidate fails any of these tests, he or she will have to retake them, in order to apply to take the next exam.

After a successful completion of the licensing exam, a prospective real estate agent must then take a mandatory continuing education (CE) course to maintain his or her status. In many states, a Broker/Seller is not required to complete this CE course, but in some states, he or she is required to by law. For example, in Washington D.C. a real estate agent has to take a federally approved continuing education (CE) course every two years, or he or she can be suspended from their job. Similarly, in many states an REB can only be employed by a member firm and cannot work for an independent contractor. When becoming a member of a brokerage, many realtors to choose to continue pursuing an education even after they become licensed, because continuing education helps them stay abreast of the constantly changing business landscape. Other states have similar CE requirements; however, they vary, so it is best to check with your particular state's laws to determine what your specific continuing education requirements are.

In addition to continuing education courses, a Broker/Seller is required to pass the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Examination. This examination is administered twice a year, once in May and once in September. Candidates who successfully pass the NAR examination are then assigned a National Association of Realtors (NAR) associate degree. The associate degree allows the candidate to pursue higher education and jobs in the real estate field. Once a Broker/ Seller is licensed, he or she may begin working in his or her own practice, but must still remain a member of the national association of realtors (a).

Becoming a member of the national association of real estate brokers is only the first step of the arduous road to becoming a successful realtor San Diego. To be a successful broker/seller, one must maintain their license through continuous education and follow the rules and regulations set forth by their employers. Successful agents are known for their knowledge and integrity as well as their vision. It takes years to learn all the skills of being a real estate agent, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Brokers/sellers spend years getting to know their clients and their particular needs, and through that understanding, they are able to provide an invaluable service to their clients and fellow brokers/sellers. Being a real estate agent in the housing market San Diego is a wonderful profession, but it requires one to be dedicated, work hard, and take continuous education and training courses to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of real estate today.


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