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Real Estate Agent: What They Are And Why You Need One
5 months ago


A real estate agent, realtor or broker is someone who promotes buyers or sellers of real estate. While a broker can work alone, most often an agent is employed by a licensed real estate brokerage to represent individual clients. An agent is trained in finding and selling homes for buyers or sellers. The job description includes contacting potential buyers or sellers, finding them properties, reviewing property offers and presenting a client interested in purchasing real estate to the agent. Often, the agent will also have an extensive network of other buyers and sellers in the market.

In some cases, realtors will be working directly with home inspectors on homes for potential purchase. These "specialists" are the ones you call to obtain prequalified information before a house goes on the market. With a buyer's perspective, these home inspectors look closely for defects, cracks, mold, and structural damage, among other things. With the seller's perspective, they are looking for problems that need repair, such as dirty carpets, broken appliances, missing trim, windows that are not sealed tightly, etc.

The primary purpose of a real estate agent is to find the best possible deal for his or her clients. This translates into helping buyers to obtain the best possible price for their home. The primary role of San Diego neighborhoods real estate agent is to make sure that any client who purchases a home he represents gets the best possible deal. Most agents work through a chain, with the broker acting as the lead for potential clients. Working directly with a client, however, allows the real estate agent to keep more control over the deal.

Another important role of a real estate agent is to act as the neutral party between the buyer and seller. Though they are supposed to close the deal, it is in the best interest of agents to withhold information until the closing date. In some states, an agent may even withhold the buyer's down payment if he feels that it will adversely affect the closing rate. In this way, agents act as third-party negotiators, carrying out the negotiations between buyers and sellers, rather than being directly involved in the closing process.

Most buyers have a list of homes they are interested in, but sometimes it can be difficult to narrow the list down to one that is truly "for them". For these situations, real estate agents often provide "pre-approved" listings. These listings are based on the conditions set by the buyer and the seller at the time of listing. The buyer fills out an application that asks questions about his or her specific requirements, and the agent sends a list of homes that match the specifications provided on the application. After contacting the seller and making sure the list is accurate, the buyer makes a commitment to purchase the home.

In the final analysis, hiring a San Diego realtor for a real estate transaction has many benefits. It costs less, the agent can offer more services, and he or she is usually a third party involved in the process. But buyers who decide to conduct the transaction themselves should make sure they are dealing with a reputable agent who will provide the highest quality service possible. This will ensure both buyer and seller receive the best home inspection and will close on time and at the right price.


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A real estate agent, realtor or broker is someone who represents buyers or sellers of real estate property.
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